Risk & Crisis Management
Risk Control offers front-line operational and consulting services for corporate risk & crisis management, focused on our clients' need for risk mitigation, personnel and asset protection, and the safeguarding of corporate interests and reputation.

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Corporate & Executive Security

Risk Control provides plain-clothes (non-uniformed) protective services only. Our firm’s focus is to deliver the highest level of risk mitigation solutions available, through the integrated application of four risk management approaches:

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Investigative Support

The Investigative Support division is overseen by our wholly owned subsidiary Risk Control Investigations.

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Technical Security, Design & Support
The Technical Security, Design & Support division is overseen by our wholly owned subsidiary Risk Control International Inc.

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Our Mission

Risk Control Canada provides professional risk management services to our clients and the community it serves. Our commitment is to community safety and security, implemented by pro-active crime prevention programs and risk mitigation initiatives based on industry best practices.

Risk Control recognizes the importance of our clients’ legal public and corporate obligations; maximizes the proactive application of their clients rights; and takes the responsibility of safeguarding their employees, assets, and corporate image.

We demonstrate this commitment through our employee selection process, progressive training, and professional standards and policies which make us a leader in the industry.