Investigative Support Services

Risk Control is a licensed and insured investigative agency, operating in most areas of practice. We value our clients’ need for cost-effective investigations, conducted in a thorough, timely and competent manner. To this end, Risk Control applies proven methods, specifically sourced investigators and expertise. Further, Risk Control uses contemporary technological tools and software to capture necessary information to further our investigations. This allows us to offer our clients credible results delivered in a court-defensible manner.

  1. General Investigations: Investigations involving insurance matters, litigation support, and general surveillance needs.
  2. Human Resources Support: Investigations involving personnel background and employment verification, financial profiling, high risk terminations and workplace violence concerns, and labour unrest.
  3. Corporate Investigations: Investigations involving corporate finance, patent law, agricultural proprietary product protection, and corporate fraud.
  4. Internet & Social Media Investigations: investigations involving social media monitoring.

Our staff is comprised of experienced investigators with a broad range of speciality tools and skills for the specific needs of the investigation. Notwithstanding possible scrutiny of our findings in a court of law, we place integrity and credibility as the utmost priority in every investigation. All Risk Control investigators are licensed by the Alberta Justice following a successful completion of a background check, finger printing and police security clearance.