Investigative Support Services

Risk Control provides investigative support through our wholly owned subsidiary, Risk Control Investigations. We are a full-service licensed investigative agency, operating in most areas of practice. We understand our client’s greatest concern is a cost-effective investigations, conducted in a thorough, timely and competent manner. To this end, Risk Control Investigations acts with keeping the best interest of our client in mind, and makes use of our proven methods, training and expertise. This allows us to offer our clients results delivered in a court-defensible manner.

Our staff is comprised of experienced investigators with a preference going to those with police surveillance and insurance investigations backgrounds. Notwithstanding possible scrutiny of our findings in a court of law, we place integrity and credibility as the utmost priority in every investigation. All of our investigators are licensed by the Alberta Justice Security Programs Division, following a successful completion of a background check, finger printing and police security clearance.

Our investigative services include

General Investigations

- Corporate & Industrial Investigations (workplace accidents, workplace injury, OH&S incidents)
- Fraud & Loss Investigations
- Insurance investigations
- Surveillance
- Litigation Support
- Witness interviews

HR Support
- Background & Employment history verification
- Financial Profiling
- Workplace violence concerns
- High Risk terminations
- Labour Unrest

Corporate Investigations
- Loss, Fraud & Criminal Investigations
- White Collar & Corporate Finance Investigations – FINTRAC / AML
- Corporate and Industrial Espionage
- IP and patent law investigations
- Agricultural investigations

Internet & Social Media Investigations
-Social Media Monitoring

Risk Control recognizes the value of gathering evidence via social media and open source resources. Utilizing a proprietary Artificial Intelligence software engineered to keep pace with changes in the investigative industry, we conduct remote, covert surveillance investigations by accessing a subject’s social media and open source resource information.

At a fractional cost to physical surveillance, our artificial intelligence is put to task utilizing pre-identified parameters, subject markers, and metrics, allowing for uninterrupted 24/7 coverage of all related sites, any changes to which are captured in real-time and documented utilizing court-admissible protocols and displaying a continuity of data.

Our experience in the legal industry has shown that data found through online investigative efforts can bolster and even stand-alone in civil or criminal matters, potentially even be of greater value that evidence obtained through physical investigations. Some of the benefits of Social Media Surveillance are:

- Physical surveillance can easily reach costs of $5,000 per week or more. Social Media Surveillance has a fractional annual cost of as low as $6,000 per year for continuous, uninterrupted 24/7/365 coverage..

Physical surveillance is often limited to regular working hours, leaving crucial gaps in the evenings, weekends, or holidays. Social Media Surveillance works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Through the use of Artificial Intelligence, we can guarantee that no data will be missed as the software does not take sick days nor holidays, and works around-the-clock.

Physical surveillance faces a series of geographic constraints and cannot be performed at many locations such as on private properties, during the night, or international locations. Social Media Surveillance is based on what the subject of the investigations posts on their social media platforms, and the AI can obtain, secure evidence of, and appropriately document data that would be impossible for a private investigator to obtain.

This proprietary Social Media Surveillance software captures real-time, time-sensitive data. With the current state of social media, data has become time-sensitive and often disappears within a specific time frame, or can be deleted by a user. Our Social Media Surveillance AI ensures we capture this data with our propriety artificial intelligence software that is constantly auditing and monitoring your subject’s personal social media platforms. The software captures data as soon as it is posted. Even if the data is later deleted, the data has been captured and can be produced in litigation or prosecution.

Physical surveillance often fails to show continuity of data. With physical investigation budgets being restricted, there are often large gaps in time when a private investigator cannot obtain information due to budget constraints. This time gap is often argued by lawyers and therefore makes the data captured in physical investigations subject to challenge. With Social Media Surveillance, our artificial intelligent software is constantly monitoring your subject and demonstrates continuity of data, which creates a stronger case for litigation.

Our proprietary artificial intelligence software is designed to audit and monitor a target’s social media account(s) of your choice. The auditing system will capture a targets profile(s) twice per day or  to ensure that there is continuity of data and demonstrate that the social platforms were checked. The auditing system is time-stamped, and can be set to capture data in the morning and in the evening, or any other time or time interval.

Our monitoring system is designed to check your target’s social account(s) continuously throughout the day (24hrs). If the monitoring system detects a change, it will capture the change and record the change in a log.

Both systems capture time-sensitive data and will often have overlapping data. The monitoring system is designed to capture data quickly before it has the chance to be deleted.

A change log will be created in conjunction with the monitoring system. The change log will give the client the time and date in which a change is detected on the social media platform(s). This allows investigators (the client’s or ours) to sort through the data at a much quicker rate than looking through all the data yourself.