Corporate & Executive Security Services

Risk Control provides plain-clothes (non-uniformed) protective services only. Our firm’s focus is to deliver the highest level of risk mitigation solutions available, through the integrated application of four risk management approaches:

- effective physical & environmental security design, hardware & infrastructure;
Planning and design of the physical space utilizing industry-recognized methodologies including Crime Prevention Through Environmental DesignTM (CPTEDTM) and Safe DesignTM, proxy card & biometric access control systems, physical gates & fencing, bollards & barriers, etc.

- appropriate technical and technological security measures & support;
CCTV monitoring, facial recognition software, electronic sweeps & countermeasures, IT system & data center security

- comprehensive intelligence support
Under the oversight of our intelligence team, proprietary data-gathering and cyber-monitoring software captures and filters open source information. Additional research by our analysists and subsequent evaluation develops the actionable intelligence used to support our corporate and executive security & risk management programs.

- human resources (Executive Protection, Close Protection, Security Drivers, Quick Response Teams)
Where the human element presents the appropriate response, Risk Control deploys staff from diverse backgrounds in tactical and investigative policing, military speciality units, and government intelligence. We will deploy the appropriate specialist for the task at hand – each risk profile paired with the experts within that field.
If we do not have the required expertise, we will respectfully decline the work, and provide reference to a partner capable to meet the client’s specific needs.

Within the Corporate & Executive Security division, our clients are assessed and assigned within 3 categories: High Profile // High Value // High Risk
Within the appropriate category(s), the risk management plan is tailored to address the specific criteria for mitigating identified or anticipated risks.

Corporate Due Diligence
- Market Entry Analysis,
- Market & competitor Intelligence,
- Mergers & Acquisitions,
- IP, patent & reputational protection,
- Counter -Espionage

Corporate Risk Management
- Crime Prevention Through Environmental DesignTM (CPTEDTM)
- Physical gates & fencing, bollards & barriers,
- Safe DesignTM,
- Design of the physical space of facilities & communities
- Community Safety Assessments
- Technical security design
- Proxy card & biometric access control systems,

Country & Travel Security
- Country Briefings
- Staff Travel Awareness Training
- Travel Security
- Security Drivers
- Esecutive Protection
- Family Security Services
- K&R Prevention & Response

Executive Security
- Executive Protection
- Close Protection
- Family Security
- Security Drivers
- Security Drivers
- Executive Travel Security
- K&R Prevention & Response

Travel Security
- Country Briefings
- Staff travel awareness training
- Emergency Evacuation Response Teams

The Corporate and Executive Security Services division is overseen by our wholly owned subsidiary Risk Control International Inc.